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  • Kyle Weymuth

    Kyle Weymuth is the 4th generation family owner of W-K. He and his brother Kelsey have expanded the W-K family from Sedalia to Boonville, and are really wonderful people to work for. Kyle loves spending time with his wife and son, Kellen. Kyle attended University of Central Missouri and State Fair Community College, and although he doesn't hold any school records for his basketball career, he still claims to be better than his "little" brother Kelsey, who was All-State in Basekeball and had more career points, rebounds, and could dunk like Shaq.

  • Kelsey Weymuth

    Kelsey is the 4th generation owner of W-K. He and his brother Kyle both grew up in Cole Camp Missouri have worked together to expand the W-K family from Sedalia Missouri all the way to Boonville Missouri. Kelsey is a really nice guy, who loves spending time with his wife Ashley and their adorable dog. Kelsey graduated from Westminster College here in Missouri. Kelsey was an accomplished basketball player in high school and college, and can still dunk like Shaq if we let him use a trampoline or a step stool or something.

  • Keith Hanson
    Service Manager

    Keith is our service manager at W-K Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. He has many years of experience managing service departments at area new vehicle dealerships, and knows how to effectively manage warranty claims and service customers with the highest level of professionalism. 

  • Jeremiah Lamb
    Sales Manager

    Jeremiah is a great guy. Talk to him for 5 minutes and you'll know why he is the sales manager at W-K. He is honest, helpful, and a perfect example of the kind of person you can count on to take good care of all customers. His motto is : "It's never wrong to do the right thing", and that is how he rolls. He loves sports and the University of Oklahoma

  • Chris Clutter
    General Sales Manager

    Chris grew up in Lincoln Missouri. He is a great family man and loves spending time with his son Owen. He graduated from Missouri State University, and loves sports! 

  • Cameron Tigg
    Finance Manager

  • Bridget Bruns
    Business Development Manager

    Bridget has been with W-K for several years. She is such a wonderful asset to the W-K Family because she is so dedicated to our customers, and always goes the extra mile to make sure their needs are met. Bridget loves spending time with her husband Josh and her wonderful children. She also loves running and can probably bench-press more than you can! 

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